This Is A Mistake In A Motorcycle Credit That Customers Usually Do

Not only that, debt due to incorrect calculation of installments and total payments.

Ideally, the maximum funds that you can spend to pay installments is 30 percent of your monthly salary .

Do not take a motorbike for monthly installments that exceed 30 percent of your monthly salary. Because this will make you hassle and have a long enough impact on your financial health.

If the monthly installments you have to pay turn out to exceed 30 percent of your monthly salary, then you can choose one of these two alternatives; delay the purchase of a motorbike or replace your chosen motorbike with a motorbike that is more in line with your budget .

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Choose a Fake Leasing Company

Leasing Company

The submission of motorbike loans is currently quite attractive and has a fairly high demand.

Unfortunately, this potential is actually used by people who are not responsible for personal gain. One of them is by making Let’s Explore Motor Vehicle Loans (KKB) so you are lucky! ]

But, don’t be tempted too quickly by these tempting offers. Keep making sure that the leasing company you choose is a company with good credibility.

There are several ways you can make sure that the leasing company you choose is a credible leasing company.

For example by finding out the reputation of the company or seeing how many branch offices they have. Also make sure that the leasing company you choose has been registered with the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies (APPI).


Choose the Longest Term

Submitting a motorcycle loan with a long period of time will indeed make the installment burden that you have to pay each month to look lighter.

However, installments with a period that is too long can actually make you lose in the future.

Usually, the longer the installment period you choose, the more interest you have to pay and the more debt you will pay.

So, when you will apply for credit, see how much interest you have to pay, and not just see the installments. In addition, try to choose an installment period that is not too long.


Does Not Pay Attention to Payment Date

Does Not Pay Attention to Payment Date

One thing that is most often forgotten when you do a motorcycle loan is the time of payment. Try to pay the installment fee not past the date you agreed at the beginning.

Usually, there will be a fine that you must bear if you make an installment payment past the agreed date. This fine will make your debt even bigger.

Therefore, make sure you pay installments on time each month. And when you make a motorcycle loan, also pay attention to how much you will pay if you are late making payments.


Not Using Insurance

Another mistake in motorbike loans made by customers is not using insurance on the motorbike he bought.

Many people think that using insurance is not important and will only add to the amount of costs that must be incurred.

Even though, by using insurance, you will benefit more. Because if something unexpected happens like an accident or loss, you can file an insurance claim.

And by having insurance, the costs you have to spend actually become smaller.


Don’t Find Out When BPKB Can Be Taken

Not Using Insurance

Another important thing that is often forgotten is to ask when your motorcycle’s BPKB can be taken. In general, BPKB can indeed be taken once you have completed the administrative matters that need to be done.

However, there are a number of leasing companies that seem to complicate the process of giving BPKB to you.


Be a Smart Customer!

Those are some of the common motorcycle credit mistakes made by customers. The above mistakes might seem quite trivial, but if you ignore these things, you will actually be the loser in the future.

Therefore, it would be better if you are careful before applying for a motorcycle loan. Even though it’s really enough to need extra effort at the beginning, but being careful will make you feel calmer in the future.


The effort you do will certainly be worth the benefits you get.

The effort you do will certainly be worth the benefits you get.

Do not let you even experience a loss or hassle with some things that you can actually anticipate. Always try to be a smart buyer who is careful before buying.

Do you have other experiences when applying for a motorcycle loan? You can share experiences or mistakes you make when applying for a motorcycle loan. In addition, you can also share tips to avoid these mistakes by writing them in the comments column.

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