Online Personal Loan: Understand Why and How to Hire

With a different focus from secured mortgage, online personal loan is suitable for people who need smaller amounts for current expenses.

The personal loan is one of the most common forms of credit in Brazil, after the credit card and overdraft. It is mainly used by those who need money quickly to settle some financial backlog or small projects.

For further plans, such as consolidating debts guys, expansion of the company or access to working capital credit with property assurance CCredi is the best option. It is ideal for these cases as it enables you to pay lower interest installments and extended payments. But, here we will explore the possibilities for those who need a lower credit value.

As this loan is more affordable – and does not use a real guarantee, such as a property – the personal loan has slightly higher interest rates, but even lower than the revolving card and overdraft, principal bad guys. Because of this feature, the modality is generally used to pay unexpected or unforeseen bills, for an urgent home renovation or car maintenance, for example.

Still, like home equity credit, personal loan is free to use. So, the main care when hiring is to understand what is the necessary amount, what will be the values ​​of the installments so that they do not compromise your financial health.


Where to apply for a personal loan online?

Where to apply for a personal loan online?

There is a wide range of institutions that offer this type of credit, either traditional or online, called fintechs. In the case of fintechs, technology makes the process faster and simpler for the customer.

Lendico is a great solution for those looking for a personal loan, with lower rates than those offered by banks and 100% online hiring . The amounts offered for the credit range from $1 thousand up to $50 thousand and the payment terms range from 6 to 36 months, according to the credit analysis.


Applying for a loan online is safe

Applying for a loan online is safe

Generally speaking, hiring an online credit is safe. Fintechs websites are prepared with secure domain and contractor information is saved in the cloud so that no data is exposed.
Just as with any credit transaction, some simple precautions are needed, such as: knowing the history of the company, understanding all the details of the process and also if the institution does not request advance payments – this implies fraud.

Now that you have the important personal loan information online , you can register on the Lendico website to analyze the possible values.

If you have a property and are interested in higher value loans, remember that you can use it as an asset without selling or renting your home. To learn more about the lowest rate credit modality on the market, check out this full post on CCredi secured credit.

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